Some idea in management!

**the best performance is not action but is habit.
It’s not force to follow, without pressure leader must precede with self confidence, adaptable, ambitious…jack of all trade and make sure that what was planted keep in line, abide by stage towards to achievement company’s goal.
Leader is easy but good Leader is not.
We cannot say that every decision making are wrong but we expected that it has more efficiency or less efficiency.
Leader should not always scold subordinates but have to discern about people’s hardship whether how much they provided to company?
Choosing the best job for your self, you need to think about skills and interests
skills( knowledge, ability, capacity)
interests( like, wants, favourite)
thus, either workers or manager have the same demand. It’ll provide company more efficiency.

**Budgets stand are just determinded depts’s capacity.

-but your obove budgets are shown your depts’s strength

-everyone always wanna show their strength but not boasting

-when you are strength no need yourself boasting, but anyone does.

-the words meaningful to willing men but meaningless to unwilling men.

when success people show you the way, not mean that you’ll success.

but depend on situation, ideas, chance and flexible in making decision.

when unsuccess people show you the way, you won’t believe but must listen

and extract those failure points to change ways.

always awake yourself to make sense before making decision.

well performance show customers our good services & trust.

it’s all about us, how to gain more business & maintain our customers.